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Most recent update: Golden-Wonder Annual, January 13, 2024

It all started with Harry Clarke.
I can't quite remember, but while visiting my aging parents around 1998,
I came across the Harry Clarke Fairy Tales book
on their bookshelf and fell in love with his illustrations.
This discovery set me off on an exploration
which continues to this day: Illustrators of Children's Books.
(Yes, I know... much of Harry Clarke's work is NOT meant for children...)
This is the third iteration of this website.
Some of you may remember the second one from around 2009:

Grandma's Graphics 2009
So after six months and tossing out two versions,
I am finally able to show the newest (in-progress) Grandma's Graphics.
It still needs lots of work. While keeping one eye open on world events,
this year at my desk will be a busy one scanning, editing and coding.
What You Can Find Here...
All kinds of books and the illustrators who brought them to life:
Annuals, School Books, Story Books.
...And What You Do With It
Download a picture and play with it, change it. Use it for inspiration.
Or just wander through and see what amazing, brilliant, talented people
have done to make children's books so fascinating.