Storyland - Music Appreciation

Book name: Storyland - Stories in Music Appreciation
File name: storyland
Author: Hazel Gertrude Kinscella Editor:
Illustrator: Ruth Mary Hallock Publisher: The University Publishing Company
Location: Lincoln, Kansas City, New York, Dallas Year: 1939
Printed: United States of America # of pages: 134
Condition: Very Good - front inside cover is only page missing.

More about the illustrator Ruth Mary Hallock

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Children and music   Children parading   Mother and sleeping child   Japanese mother and child   Children blowing bubbles   Child blowing bubbles   Children on a seesaw   London bridge is falling down   Pease porridge hot   Child with an umbrella   Children outside on a windy day   Boy at window watching the rain   Mother and child looking at clock  Children ina flower garden   Child riding a hobby horse   Children celibrating George Washington's birthday   Children raising a flag   Children planting a tree