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Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales
Illustrated by Harry Clarke - Colour

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Thumbelina   The Travelling Companions: “ 'Let him have his head cut off.' ”   The Emperor's New Clothes: “ 'Oh, how well they look! How capitally they fit!' ”   The Storks    The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweeper: “ 'Have you really courage to go into the wide world with me?' asked the chimney-sweeper.”   The Swineherd: “On the grave of the Prince's father there grew a rose-bush.”   The Snow Queen: “Kay and the Snow Queen”   The Snow Queen: “ 'She is fat - she is pretty - she is fed with nut-kernels.' ”   The Nightingale: “The artificial bird had its place on a silken cushion close to the emperor's bed.”   The Elf-Hill: “They danced with shawls which were woven of mist and moonshine.”   The Little Sea Maid: “Dancing over the floor as no one had yet danced.”   The Wild Swans: “The whole day they flew onward through the air.”   The Marsh King's Daughter: “She was once more a beauteous maiden.”   The Garden of Paradise: “ 'Now we will begin our dances!,' cried the fairy.”

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