Tub-Time Tales - Anne Anderson

Book name: Tub-Time Tales
File name: tubtime
Author: Madeline Barnes Editor:
Illustrator: Anne Anderson & Alan Wright Publisher: Blackie and Son Limited
Location: London and Glasgow Year:
Printed: Printed in Great Britain # of pages: 79
Condition: Good - all pages intact and tight to binding; some yellowing with age.

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'Eleven things', he said to Uncle Tim. 'Isn't is fun?' He was on two hands as well as two feet. She got all the five everyday dolls and introduced them to Belinda. As soon as she stood the ninepins up, the Naughty Child kicked them down.
The lovely new black silk stockings were lovely no longer. He cut all the string ends in all the right places. She showed the postcards to Teddy, and he said that one was just like his brother. Grisel turned the handle herself, and suddenly the door flew wide open!

Black and White

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