Anne Anderson -
The Mammoth Wonder Book (British Children's Annual)

Book name: The Mammoth Wonder Book for Children
File name: mammoth
Author: Various Editor: John R. Crossland and J.M. Parrish
Illustrator: Publisher: Odham's Press Ltd.
Location: Long Acre, London, WC2 Year: Copyright 1935
Printed: Great Britain # of pages: 768
Condition: Good - pages intact; blue cover slightly separating at spine.

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The Bluebell Wood   Hiawatha   Strong Hans   The Fisherman and His Wife
The Wind's Tale   The Presents of the Little Folk   The Story of the Three Apples   The Story of Sidi Nouman
The Red Shoes   The Griffin   The History of Baba Abdalla   The Dish of Zirbaja
Great Claus and Little Claus   The Goloshes of Fortune   The Travelling Companions   The Chimes

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