Anne Anderson
The Golden Wonder Book (British Children's Annual)

Book name: The Golden Wonder Book for Children
File name: golden
Author: Various Editor: John R. Crossland and J.M. Parrish
Illustrator: Publisher: Odham's Press Ltd.
Location: Long Acre, London, WC2 Year: Copyright 1934
Printed: Great Britain # of pages: 768
Condition: Good - pages intact; red cover starting to separate at spine; some colouring with water paints.

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The Dream Piper   The Twelve Brothers   The Little Mermaid   The Little Mermaid
The Shoes Which Were Danced to Pieces   The Little Match-Girl   The Miller's Daughter   The Seven Crows
Mother Elder   The House in the Wood   The Garden of Paradise   The Snow Queen
The Storks   Little Ida's Flowers   The Marsh-King's Daughter   The Marsh-King's Daughter

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